Fireplace Xtrordinair

Fireplace Xtrordinair is now referred to as FireplaceX or simply FPX and it is well known for the premium quality gas fireplaces, gas inserts, wood fireplaces and wood inserts that offer a wide variety of custom-crafted styles with unique detailing.

Lopi Products

Lopi is the brand now known for innovation in high-performance wood, gas, and pellet stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. Lopi has pioneered the now standardized use of clear ceramic glass and a pre-heated air wash system within wood stoves to keep the fire viewing area clean.

Blaze King

Blaze King is leading the industry in developing pollution-reducing products. With the longest burn times available in the industry. Their selection of wood stoves and inserts as well as their gas stoves, and inserts are designed to be efficient, and Eco-friendly, and they are built to last.


Hearthstones offer a unique heating experience, Wood or Gas. Wood stoves utilize soapstone to absorb the high temperatures your wood fire produces either freestanding or insert, the soapstone then radiates the captured heat into the room at a gentle pace. These handmade quality products will ensure years of warmth.


Ravelli a handcrafted product of Italy has been providing quality pellet stoves and inserts since the 1970’s. Now in North America, Ravelli is a top notch pellet product, their vented fireplaces and stoves provide an array of colors to become a decorative addition to any home.   


Jøtul has been providing the world with their warmth for 160 years, their timeless Norwegian Craftsmanship shows in their selection of freestanding stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. Wood or Gas Jøtul continues to hand make in Norway. Quality that lasts a lifetime.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Phone: (541) 779-5340

Address: 3050 Crater Lake Hwy
Medford, OR 97501